About the Founder

Dr. Nicole Kumi

     I am a behavioral health professional by education and experience and have always had a strong interest in humans behavior as fueled by their experiences and life in general.  In 2018 I had my first child and was diagnosed with Post Partum Depression, and found myself with little to no enjoyment in my life.  Each day felt like it had 100 hours in it and I was happy for about 3 of them.  I lost interest in things that used to bring me joy, and started traveling down the rabbit hole of "this cannot be my life."  I sought therapy which was suiting for me, but I didn't feel motivated, driven, or compelled to change, and had to dig really deep there to find my spark again.

     I decided to wean off of therapy and throw myself into my at-home, physically challenge workouts where I could dedicate one hour of the day to just me.  I wasn't a mom, a wife, a co-worker, I was just me working on me all over again.  I started to find that spark again, but there was so much more fire inside than ever before.  I found passion in reducing the stigma associated with mental illness, helping other women work on themselves, and even published my first book.

     That was enough for me to say that I was back, and I was better than ever.  My healing came in sharing my story, normalizing post-partum depression for others, and creating a safe space for other women to seek help in a less therapeutic environment.  I created my company, Kumi Training, and Development where I offer a multitude of professional and personal services around mental health, life coaching, and holistic wellness, and continued on with my writing.

     I find the most JOY when I am sharing my passions, working with others, and seeing other people become the best versions of themselves, so I wanted to create a new space.  I decided on NJOY as a space where I can share some humor, raw moments, and offer supports in a different manner.  I want people to NJOY life in any positive manner they choose.

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