Post Partum My Language

My True Account of the 4th Trimester

A self-help driven book to bring awareness to the challenges that new mother's face after childbirth. I share my personal story of being diagnosed with Postpartum depression, how I faced it, and what really goes in for women in that time period. This detailed description of what I went through will give you alot of laughs, some tears, and some moments to prepare yourself for. PPD is more common than not these days, and we need to start talking out loud with one another about it, and how life changing, and somewhat dangerous a challenge it can be. I never want another woman to go through what I did without having some information, or just a good story to relate to.

Get Naked.jpg

Get Naked

Stripping Away Traditional Gender Roles

This book examines the shift of the traditional gender roles within the past 15 years contributing to the increased presence of women in the workforce and entrepreneurial roles. Nicole identifies crucial points in women's' upbringing that could have allowed for this shift, as well as the factors that motivated them to get involved in building their own businesses. Unlike other books that provide you a step by step process on how to build your book, this book focuses on empowering you to find that drive within yourself, examine what you are good at, and push you in the right direction. Nicole brings the perspective of some close friends into these chapters that help give the reader digestible examples of how and where this could have occurred for them, and insight into how to find "what fits."

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