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Be Intentional and Pull Back

Have you found yourself pulling back from social media, friends, family, even tv shows or the news during this time? I have noticed a huge shift in how I am choosing to spend my downtime, and I have made a dramatic shift from social media surfing and Netflix binging to throwing myself into my work, passions, and reading. I think when the pandemic began so many of us were thrown off our natural courses and we found peace surfing the net and finding other people who were feeling like us, and connecting with things we may have been pushing aside because we didn’t have the time to focus on them. It’s been 7 months and I can officially say that I am “over it” all. I know I am not alone in this, and it really had me stop and think about what we are doing and how we are surviving this new world of ours.

I stopped following a lot of people on several platforms and picked up new interests along the way. I am finding things that I thought I enjoyed, or people who I thought were inspiring were either full of shit or did not really stimulate the areas of my life that I wanted them to. I am focusing on being more intentional with how I spend my time and the information I am putting into my body. I don’t watch the news in the morning because I just don’t like it. My husband often laughs at this, but it is what works best for me. I will check the weather quickly, have my coffee, and spend a few minutes setting some intentions for my day along with finding some positive quotes or images that put my mind into shape for my day.

Throughout the day when I have a break from work, I don’t go over to the tv or hop on social media immediately. I tend to get up, stretch, write a bit, and crack open a new book of interest. I believe in staying educated on things that interest me rather than getting sucked into what is going on all around us. It is so easy to just go along with the motions of the day and acknowledge how bad things suck right now, but it is not going to do anything for your mental health. What are you doing each day that is contributing to the downfall of your mental health rather than improving it? There are several things you could list, and I want you to really think about this.

What is one thing you can get rid of right now that serves you zero purpose? Social media, books, snacking, sleeping? What could you put in its place to make you feel better overall? We must learn to take better care of ourselves during this time or we are all at risk for developing some mental health challenges. Make sure you’re fueling your body rather than feeding it. Find an accountability group, pick up a new habit, meditate, cook, start to exercise. Put ONE thing in place each day that is going to help you become a better you while managing this chaos.


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