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I have been around enough businesses and business owners to know when I see someone who is serious about carrying out an idea or an adventure. I had a conversation last week with someone who is mildly successful in their "side hustle" and we talked about how that came to be, and the work they had to put in for them to get where they are. I like being around people like this because they inspire me to bring my thoughts into an active state, and allow me to get more and more creative in what I am attempting to do. There is no feeling quite like inspiration, and for me, once it happens, I feel unstoppable and at my most creative space. Author Cara Leyba once said that you should find yourself an unofficial mentor, someone you look up to who may not even know you exist and use them as a guide in getting things done. There is no reason to re-invent a wheel if you don't have to so why are so many people branching out and trying to do hard things with little to no guidance? The answer is quite simple. They want to do it "their" way so that it is unique and doesn't look like you stole someone else's approach to it. I love the intention behind this, but you're really creating more work for yourself based on this notion, and losing precious time while others are giving in to the "unofficial mentor" idea. There are plenty of people who mentored me and didn't realize they were helping me write my blog, publish my book, network with other influencers, and create content. The old saying that "there is enough to go around" really does hold true when it comes to creating a substantial side hustle for yourself.

I have often been asked what keeps me so motivated, or how do I show up for myself each and every day? It really is a simple answer for me. I do this because I want to do it, and find that I need to do it for a variety of reasons. There are a lot of people working side businesses that they just don't love, and that is a hard position to be in. Have you ever encountered someone in your professional arena that you can actually feel hates their job? How about someone who is not good at what they are doing, and if they had some coaching they could be really effective? Chances are we all know someone just like that and may have smiled thinking about ourselves at some point in our professional lives. If you are not passionate about what you are doing then get out of it. You are not doing anyone any favors by just existing in a career (whether full or part-time), and you are wasting precious time you could use to create something more substantial for yourself or your family.

I get frustrated when I see someone with a special skill set starting to fail at their profession because they are not utilizing their full potential, or they are mimicking someone else's style. Nothing will kill your gig faster than trying to adopt someone else's way of doing things, especially when you are two totally different personalities. Think about changing a lightbulb: If I am tall I may only need step stool to reach and change the light. If you are short why would you try using my same approach knowing it won't produce a successful outcome for you? You are doing it this way because you saw it work for me. You did not weigh all that went into my decisions, nor did you see the previous attempts I may have made at this task. See my point a little more clearly here? People I coach often remark on how they were "once driven" or "once really effective" at what they do, but then something happened that rocked their confidence and they were unable to get it back. I cannot sympathize with them enough. However, you cannot climb back on the bike the same way and expect not to fall again. You must switch your approach to things, especially after seeing significant negative impacts in that area. We are all designed to be creative, but it is that which drives us that will prove how we rise in that area. This advice can be used in several facets of life. I just know humans and what I see the most. Failing in a relationship? Take the same approach. If you find you have exhausted all options then we find ourselves having a much different conversation. Don't stay stuck in any situation when you have the ability to create a new way, or a way out of it.


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