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“I just can’t stay motivated” is the one phrase I hear so often in all my environments. This does not just pertain to working out, but all areas of life. School, work, home, personal growth, kids, etc. Do you find that this affects you too? Everyone is plagued by the nasty lack of motivation bug a few times a year, and instead of recognizing it as a part of the process, some people become so fixated that they throw away all of their progress because they lacked motivation for a few days. That seems absurd doesn’t it? Yes, but that is exactly what happens. Think about the last project you took on. You started off full steam ahead and we're so excited about working on it and then boom, something happened that caused you to stall, pull back, or lose the momentum for it. That happens more times than we like to admit or even account for, yet we still allow it to de-rail us.

So how do you prepare for the upcoming derailment that may or may not happen with your new endeavor? You acknowledge there is a good chance that you won’t keep up the momentum that you started with and allow yourself a little bit of grace. If you plan for this issue, then when it happens you are already ten steps ahead. It becomes a bump in the road rather than a different course altogether. If you know from experience that you tend to go all-in with your efforts for about two weeks and then start to fizzle off, set a check-in reminder for yourself at the two-week mark that allows for you to take two days off. This allows you to recharge your battery without feeling like you gave up or couldn’t continue at the pace you were working. Its an acknowledgment that you are human, need a break and then give yourself another two weeks (more or less time depending on personal preference) to go at a steady pace and continue.

The less stress we put on ourselves and knee jerk “I suck at this” attitude we adopt when we slow down, the better equipped you will be to keep moving in the direction you were going. If you adopted a new project, routine, behavior, chances are that you needed it and are excited about carrying it through. Allow for those moments where life bounces you around rather than letting it knock you off your game and you will find yourself completing more projects, adjusting to a new routine, and growing as a person inside and out.

Where are you struggling? Do you find this happening to you more often than not?

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