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Here we go again...

It's been a little while since I have shared anything going on, and I figured with the continuation of COVID-19 and people still refusing to take it seriously, now is a good time. The United States cannot seem to figure out if we want to continue to do more harm, or if we should keep doing what we have been (closing down, social distancing) to work on stopping the spread of this deadly virus. Some people don't believe in this virus, and it is my guess that they have not lost a loved one, or seen anyone they care about battle this awful virus. These are the same people who now are refusing to wear masks in public because it is their "Constitutional Right" to refuse to do this. You cannot make this stuff up. Wearing a mask in public not only protects the individual, but also everyone around them from catching or spreading this virus. Now, you may ask yourself "why in the world would they make a statement like this?" I'll tell you why. Our Vice President (second in command) spoke at a press conference last week where he made that same comment, and these lovely folks who support him and our "leader" ate that right up. I am not sure if I have ever heard anything more ridiculous in my 30 plus years of living. We have rights as Americans and I strongly believe and support people who exercise those rights without doing harm to others. People deciding not to wear a mask in public are doing harm to others, PERIOD. If you choose not to wear a mask in public because it is your right, then do us all a favor and choose to stay the hell home until this is under better control. I am confident that the majority of this "It's my right" population are also the same folks yelling "all lives matter." My dad used to always tell me that you couldn't fix stupid-

Now, just when I thought this was the worst of it I start seeing, and even hearing...."People who aren't wearing masks have serious mental issues and must be mentally ill." Ah, mental illness, life's scapegoat for everything that people cannot understand. Let me help you with this one. People who are refusing to wear masks in public places are not mentally ill. They are misinformed, selfish, assholes. Three things that do not align with the definition of mental illness. I agree that something is wrong with the people walking around refusing to care for their own health and other American's health, but their mental status is not. Look a little closer at their political beliefs and I can assure you there will be a pattern there. In a time where so many individuals are dealing with mental health challenges more openly than ever before, lets not take ten steps backwards and blame mental illness for people's stupidity OK?

We have done a lot of work researching, educating and supporting mental illness to take that route. Heck, since most of you have gained some skills around virtual learning why not do a little reading about mental illness and how it presents itself, or find a course and get certified in Mental Health First Aid. I know a girl who can help you out :-). Please be smart, be kind, and get informed before you open your mouth and let people know how misinformed you are.

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