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In a world where you can be anything, be kind. Heard that before? Most likely you have, and more recently with the development and awareness of personal development there are alot of people who repeat that phrase, and are attempting to follow what they say. Being kind is one thing that you have control over in this crazy world. I have often heard that you cannot control what happens to you or around you, but you can control how you respond to it. I am listening to a great podcast and that was the topic today. I decided I would challenge myself to attempt to be kind to everyone I interacted with today, whether I knew them or not. Generally, I am a pretty kind person, but there are definitely moments where I am not functioning as my "best self" and that is fine too. So, this may not seem like too much of a challenge, but it will prove to be when I get in the car and make a 45 minutes commute into the city later today. See, being kind is something that I can choose to be for any particular length of time. Actually following through, and reminding myself to do this could be the most challenging part.

Have you ever had a bad day and wondered why you couldn't catch a break? Maybe it's because there were points in the day where you could've chosen to be kind, be calm, or just have a better attitude about a shitty situation. I'm skilled at reading a room, and when I facilitate training's I can often tell when I am losing my audience to afternoon fatigue (usually following lunch). I force them to stand up, stretch, take a deep breath and then say one positive word. It sounds silly right? The silly thing is, it actually helps stimulate their senses, and rather than think "I am so tired and this training goes on for 3 more hours" they have now chosen to change their mindset which will be reflective in their behavior very shortly.

What would happen if we reminded ourselves that we are in charge of how we feel? Our thoughts control our emotions, not anyone else. If I am feeling shitty at any point during the day I tend to write down something positive about myself, or get up and go outside with my inner voice saying "its ok, get it together and turn this around". Being aware of the space you are in is imperative to changing direction you are heading in.

It is also ok to be an asshole on some days and truly not give an F what kind of energy you are welcoming, or portraying. Just know, on those days you can't be mad at anyone but yourself.


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