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Necessary Changes

I used to get excited at the start of each year because it always felt like the clean slate mentality kicked in. New year, new focus, new changes, etc. all the good things that one needs to make some necessary changes in life. As years went by I realized I could start doing that at the beginning of each change of season rather than waiting for the New Year to roll around, and made a conscious effort to clean out oy closet, pantry, house, and make small, achievable resolutions for myself. I found that creating my own routine or New Year allowed me to do what I wanted when I felt most inspired to do it, and what better time than the start of the new season? More recently I have taken that a step further (because I have done a lot of work on myself) and now I create this same mentality at the beginning of each month. It is about shifting my perspective to enjoying a brand new month with a different attitude than the previous one and I have found this rewarding over the summer with the “groundhog day” effect that COVID-19 has created in most of our lives. Choosing to start a new month on a different foot than I left the previous one has boded well for me mentally and physically during this time, and it got me wondering why more of us don’t make this same attempt.

I think doing this monthly can be a challenge for anyone regardless of how long you have been focusing on your personal growth and improvement, so I challenge each of you to look at doing this as we enter the fall season in the next month or so. Change is often seen as hard and that is usually because we allow the idea of change to overwhelm us rather than see the potential it has for us to become better and grow through the process of change. I counter that comment with “the process of change can be hard but change itself is rewarding.” I have extensively researched the stages of change to the point that I can recognize what stage my husband is in when trying to make an informed decision about changing something in his life or our home. Once you understand the process it becomes easier to identify what needs to change, create it, and sustain it.

Making changes is one aspect of this puzzle. Sustaining the changes can be the challenging component that causes people to leap so far back from the progress they made because they question themselves and their capabilities. How many times have you made a change, sustained it for a few months, and then regressed right back to where you were before the change was made? I am guessing the answer to that is a lot. Why is this? Why do we put forth all this effort just to sabotage our own progress? It is because we lack an understanding of the whole process, how to navigate it, and sustain our recent changed behaviors.

Work on identifying one area that needs to change for you. Physically, mentally, emotionally…is it home life? Work? Personal relationships? You need to start there before you can elicit any behavior change. Everyone can make lasting changes if they do so the correct way. If you are interested in understanding this process more, I hope to see you at our next scheduled webinar on Creating and Sustaining Behavior Change. It will be offered Saturday, September 5, 2020, at 2 pm. As always, the recorded version will be available if you cannot attend.

Link to sign up: 'Creating Change'


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