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Purpose vs Passion

I have had a few conversations of late regarding what your purpose is vs your passion and it really had me stop and think. My purpose is to be a mom, make a living, contribute to our financial stability, and make some kind of impact in the mental health field. My passion on the other hand is to help people in a holistic sense, work for myself, write a book or two, and take care of my family in all ways that I possibly could. See, I went to school and received a terminal degree in human behaviors so naturally I think I need some high paying job that will put me in another tax bracket, and allow me to make a dent in my student loans. However, that is not what I am passionate about. I am passionate about getting to know people, understand what they need and want, develop things to help them achieve their goals, and watch them live fulfilled lives. Sounds easy right? So why am I not doing it? I think that is a question that SOOOO many of us have asked ourselves, and most often the response is somewhere between "where would I start" and "that isn't financial stability".

I chatted with a co-worker today about moving to a small place where our husbands could work, and we could open up flower shops, garden, and fulfill our purposes without the financial stress of it all. So again I ask, why don't we do it? Why do we let fear take over and railroad us into corporate positions that are unfulfilling to our passion? We don't take enough chances in our lives to really feel happy and fulfilled. Can you say that most days you feel fulfilled and that you lived out your passion after a long day of work? If you can, then congratulations because you are apart of the 18% of people who can. Most of us like our jobs, and excel somewhat in them or we wouldn't necessarily still have them, but we are not enjoying ourselves in those particular roles.

Think about that. You can be good at something, but not enjoy it. I am good at giving my daughter a bath, and changing her at bedtime, but I don't necessarily enjoy it. I am good at cooking, but I don't enjoy it. Now, if I think about the things I am good at AND enjoy I smile a bit more. I am good at working out, and I enjoy the process. I am good at reading people and working with them to reach goals, and I ENJOY this work. That is where you find your passion. When you find those things you are good at and enjoy! So, where is your passion? what is keeping you from your passion?

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