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Wellness Coaching??

People have often asked me what kind of coaching I do, and is it specifically related to working out and getting “fit?” This question always makes me smile because while I share my personal fitness journey with social media, I do not share the internal work and transformation that has occurred for me as well. When I talk about my 1:1 coaching service and the benefits of receiving them, several people are initially turned off because they think “wellness” is solely attributed to physical transformations. I am here to let you know that is not the case. I am a wellness coach and that incorporates physical, emotional, and mental health wellness. I take a holistic approach to my wellness coaching and work with my clients on creating a life that they want to be living, however, it is they choose. Some of them are working out, some are eating healthy, and some are doing the opposite on both of those spectrums and that is fine with me. If your goal is to feel healthy, then we define what that looks like to you. It is not the same for everyone. Some people feel fine physically, but internally they are falling apart and need some help picking up the pieces.

I want to afford people an opportunity to enhance their lives, not start all over from the beginning where I tell them how to get started. Coaching is a partnership and requires both of our perspectives and buy in to be meaningful to you. You identify the areas of your life where you want some improvement and to make some changes, and I simply help you navigate the car on the journey using education, experience, and research to assist us (kind of like a map). We have GPS and navigation systems on our phones and in our cars to help us get where we are going so why not employ the same methods in our personal lives when it comes to reaching a place of satisfaction with life? I provide education and insight around the notion that there is no “endpoint” in your journey. We do not say we are headed here and stop when we get there. We learn to navigate through the challenges (good and bad) develop some skills around conflict resolution, personal development, and boundary setting, and then when you are ready you let me off at the rest stop and continue on your journey.

This is a snapshot of wellness coaching services. So many people are merely existing in their lives and tend to want more for themselves, their families, their careers, whatever it may be, and they need some help and direction along the way. We stop the process when you say stop, and we move at your pace. The unique thing about my services is there is no commitment and it is all virtual, so it does not matter where you are located. For more information, or to register for a session and see if it is for you visit this link below and get started on creating the life YOU want.


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