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Where can I buy some Motivation?

Is there some specific place that sells motivation by the pound? Wouldn't that be phenomenal if that were true? People always ask "how are you so motivated?" and so many times my response is "I don't know, I just am." I am realizing now, that statement couldn't be farther from the truth, and it really doesn't help anyone who is actually trying to find their own motivation. I might as well tell them I bought it at the corner store. The truth is, for a long time I found that getting up early, working out, and then starting my day just worked for me, so I wasn't totally motivated, just consistent with my routine. When I think more in depth I realize that I am motivated by how I feel afterwards. It is not just the results part that keeps me going, because results can take a fairly long time for you to see, and that would not be enough to motivate me. After getting married and becoming a mom it occurred to me that I wasn't Nicole Burke anymore. I was Nicole Kumi, Ernest's wife, and Ava's mom. I decided that I still wanted there to be a piece of Nicole Burke alive inside of me, because well, for 34 years she existed so wiping her out was totally on my to do list.

I decided that I would get up at 5am each day, have some coffee and my mommy energy juice, get dressed and push play on a workout of my choice for the next 20 minutes to an hour. For that amount of time I was Nicole Burke; badass, tough as nails, goal oriented and results driven. When I finished my workouts, checked into my groups and came up the steps I was able to be the best wife and mom that I possibly could be since I managed to get my "me time" in for the day. Getting up early blows let me tell you, but so does being mad at yourself for not making you a priority, gaining weight, and never releasing any anger or frustrations in a productive way.

I often got asked about the "mom guilt" and that was easy (for me). I get up early because that doesn't cost anyone else a sacrifice. My baby girl is still asleep (99%) of the time, my hubby is getting ready for work and starting his day, so no one is missing out on anything. I don't have to rely much on anyone except me to get this done, and knowing how at peace I feel afterwards is what keeps me coming back each day.

Sure, not everyday is easy, and there are days I wanna say F it and skip my workout, but then I remember that feeling of shittiness. You know, the one you get after you slam a few beers, fries, a burger, wings and an ice cream? Yea, that feeling of "what the F did I just do?' I don't want to have that feeling around me, because I did for a long time and it is awful. So, when I think about my motivation it is all of that.

Motivation comes in several different forms, and what once worked may not always work so consider it ever evolving too. Motivation is unique to person and situation so you can't use mine for you, you gotta find your own version of it, scoop it up, and let it kick in.

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